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Sir Henry Morton Stanley
(January 28, 1841 – May 10, 1904)

Stanley was a famous explorer and journalist, known for his African explorations and his search for David Livingstone. His quest to find Livingstone began in March 1871 when he traveled to Zanzibar and outfitted an exploration with the best materials available and a crew of 200 porters. The 700-mile expedition through the jungle was quite difficult, but he found Livingstone in November 1871, in Ujiji, which is present-day Tanzania. He greeted him with his famous words, “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?” Stanley joined Livingstone in exploring the region and they worked together and established that there was no connection between Lake Tanganyika and the River Nile. The New York Herald, in partnership with Britain’s Daily Telegraph, financed Stanley on another expedition to Africa in 1874. One of his missions was to trace the course of the Congo River to the sea.

David Livingstone
(March 19, 1813 – May 1, 1873)

Livingstone was a medical missionary with the London Missionary Society and explorer in Africa. A popular national hero in the late 19th century in Victorian Britain, Livingstone completely lost contact with the outside world for six years and was ill for the last four years of his life. Only one out of 44 dispatches was received. Henry Stanley, who was sent to find him by the New York Herald newspaper, found him in Ujiji by Lake Tanganyika. Stanley urged him to leave, but Livingstone did not want to leave until his mission was complete. He explored the Lualaba and failed to find a connection to the Nile and returned to Lake Bangweulu to explore other options. Livingstone died there at Chief Chitambo’s village on May 1, 1873, in Zambia. Britain wanted his body back for a burial ceremony, but the tribe refused. They said, “You can have his body, but his heart belongs in Africa,” and sent his body back to Britain.

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